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Won’t let me get the game

Scraptank legend

Best game ever bring it back

Old School Fun

Exactly as the title states old-school fun

It's been a while

Fix it for iOS 11


please update this game

iOS 11

Please update this game for iOS 11 compatibility. I love playing this games.

Get this game

This is a pretty cool game to kill some time and have some fun if your not doing anything.


Upgrading makes you able to kill more, non-stop destruction and hit sounds, everything i've always wanted and even more! 999,999,999+ stars and keep on working at the game because this makes me want to frikin DDDDDAAAAAAABBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrap tank

No audio

Good, but too easy to get all the upgrades!

What ever you do, don't pay for upgrades on this bad boy! Just the minimum amount of grinding will get you all the money you need to get all the upgrades. It is a lot of fun though. It's simple enough, but it is a good distraction for a bit.

How i think of Scraptank

This is such a good game, there may not be a lot too it but, it's simple and fun. I see people say that its hard to get scrap but when I do a good round i get about 8000 scrap. I downloaded the game October 14, 2016 and maxed everything the next 2 days. You will get more scrap the better you perform. I can't stop playing this game now😄. and for anyones curiosities, my highest scores are 9456 on level 1, 46749 on level 2 and 45637 on Level 3. Top that 😎✌️


So much fun, I just enjoying

Crashes make you lose all your progress

I like the game but it is unstable and crashes and you loose all of your progress.

The Rock Tank

Cool this game ilove it wohoooh 😏👊🏽

Nice game

Nice game but need to put more levels and more improvements There is no option to revert all settings,that's I fell bad Incase user want to start again from scratch should Give the option


Really addictive

Amazing butt

It needs more upgrades and maybe different tank skins that you can get

Best Game EVER

I like the graphics,it hasn't glitches yet,and it's fairly easy to get better equipment.

I love this

This game is awesome I love it so much it's a short powered up game


I see a bright future for this game. Just a few updates, and it would be perfect! I have a few ideas; like this one. Different Tank names, like Cyclops or Panzy (Off-brand Tank names!). Different paint jobs, Turrets, research lab (For upgrading Tank Chassis!), and improved Scrap Collection. These are just a few of my ideas; hopefully, this will been seen! Thanks for listening! -Ir0n


This game is great.It has so many upgrades.They give you the option to upgrade your tank and weapons This game is definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!

Level 15?

I just got the game it looks fun and stuff but whenever I start I'm on level 15 and I just die, how do I start on level 1 ???

Addictive yet satisfying

This is a really fun game. It will take you awhile to get bored. I honestly can't complain, but I don't know what to say about the money system, it may say you have this much money but it won't let you buy it. Keep up the good work

Super fun

Great buss stop game.

Fun game

I like the gameplay and all the upgrades.

Needs work

This game is really good and in my option could be one of the best games on the App Store, So here are my suggestions. More weapons and enemy's add customizable tanks with colors and attachments, different environments, name plate, a menus with more settings to improve gaming and last but not least a co-op mode:)

Really fun and awsome

It's really a great game and I like it but it needs more scrap and more main cannon upgrades and an update on the game

Good, but...

It's awesome and all but I'm thinking about.. Adding something else.. Such as... Multiplayer? That would be great if it had a scoreboard off of Game Center. And add in AWESOME weapons! That's all


Personally, I think this is by far the BEST game I have ever played, and that is no overstatement. With rapid fire controls, an arsenal of weapons, and an army of enemy robots, there's nothing left to do but blow everything sky high!!!

Great Game

The game is really good and it goes straight into shooting action. The only things I would say it definitely needs is .....(1) There needs to be levels with bosses at the end. (2) You should be able to move the tank back and forth, those to things would make the game 5 star superb.


The game is fun when it works, but it is annoying when it dont!

Very cool game

I love it, great fun, good graphics and sound


Best game ever

Hard to get scrap

Really fun game i love it a lot but its really hard to get in game cash which is scrap. Only red enemy's drop it and 3/4 of all of the enemy's are not red meaning they don't drop any scrap so an average run is about 100 scrap and a basic canon is 9900 scrap. With out getting the double scrap purchase it's really hard to move through the game so make every enemy drop 2 scrap its a lot more than I'm getting. Lets not be greedy here developers and FIX IT

Simple fun

Beat the game too soon but having a blast!!

Best Game

I love it. There is nothing wrong with this game what-so-ever

Good, Tiny problem

I liked the it a lot but the first time I played it when I closed it, it deleted my progress :( they should add more weapons and maybe power ups and more levels, so over all pretty good. :)


The best game ever

Great Game

I love this game, im just waiting for some more maps and weapons to come in Future Updates.


I really like it, it's so fun I love games that upgrade it would be really awesome if there was an update though but otherwise it's my favorite upgrade game


Classical game set.Simple fun, no issue with crashing.

About the game

How do you play the game




Great game!!


Really a good little game where you can play along and be successful without being so game oriented. For those of us that are more senior, it is just a fun game and user friendly, good job!

Awesome side scroller

This is what good side scrollers should be.

Awesome, Awesome, And Awesome!!!😍

Amazing!!!!! Awesome!!!!!! Need I say more?

Best game ever but

This game is my number one favorite but it hasn't been updated in a very Lon time so my suggestion is to keep the limited ammo but when you die it should automatically refill for free when you play again or at least add a certain amount of time for it to automatically refill but keep the buy ammo


I wish they would update it to where u can upgrade everything cause then it would be way more funner and exciting to play

ToThe game makers

Thanks for the game it is great!!!😃😄

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